Natick Loves Pinterest

As the #1 driver of traffic to retail sites, it’s easy to see why retailers love Pinterest so much. So we thought Valentine’s Day would be the perfect time to drive traffic to Natick Mall’s Pinterest boards while also supporting their retailers.

We did just that by creating the “Love to Pin. Love to Win.” contest to encourage shoppers to pin the items they dreamed of receiving on Valentine’s Day. Participants were required to pin items from Natick Mall’s Pinterest boards or from the websites of Natick Mall retailers. The contest was promoted exclusively on Social Media for just 8 days, and received an impressive response. Overall, 36 Boards were created by shoppers as part of the contest. Those boards achieved a combined following of 2,129 Pinterest users, and contest participants pinned over 900 items from Natick Mall retailer websites.

We’ve held several pin-to-win promotions  for Natick Mall throughout the year, and each one has generated a similarly strong response from shoppers. If you’re ready to stick it to your competition on Pinterest, we’d be happy to help.


The Branding District

You might not expect House of Current to feel so at home in apartments, but we certainly do. We’ve recently completed branding campaigns for two brand new apartment communities in Houston, Texas – The District at Greenbriar and The District at Washington.

Greenbriar’s campaign launched in the summer, and Washington’s efforts kicked-off in the fall. The two sister properties have several similarities, but their different locations mean they are targeting separate audiences. For Greenbriar, we’re projecting a friendly but somewhat sophisticated tone while Washington is a bit more fun and irreverent.

With modest budgets and Houston’s high media costs, both properties relied heavily on Social Media to get the most bang for their buck. HOC held a Social Media bootcamp for each property’s marketing team and controlled content for Greenbriar’s Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts for the first month to get their program up and running. It’s safe to say we Like the results.


Can we tune out “Media” to focus on “Social”?

Too many people only hear the “media” part of the “social media” world. That’s a problem because Social Media needs to be approached in a totally different way than “traditional” media. But, marketers’ primary objectives haven’t changed much since the advent of mass media – reach as many people as you can as cost effectively as possible. So, it’s little wonder that so many companies jump on social media as a “free” way to push their message at consumers.

Traditional media has a passive audience. But in the social world, there is no audience; there are simply people talking to each other. It is inherently active, and when the topic of conversation among people is brands, it gives consumers control of what the brands are about.

This lack of control makes “getting your message out” in social media an inherently flawed notion. Similarly, “counting eyeballs” that have seen a message in social media and trying to equate that with views in traditional media is a generally futile exercise.

Putting the emphasis on the word “social” means focusing instead on the nature of the brand conversations taking place and how to influence (not control) them.

While it’s unlikely we can change what we call Social Media, perhaps we at least change how we view it. If we can liberate ourselves from the “media mindset” and adopt a more “social mindset,” we will then be able to make significant progress in understanding how to engage, how to take part in the brand conversations going on around us, and how to build relationships in this new world.

"Pushing your message" equals static on Social Media channels.