Socializing for Business

After years of chasing Facebook fans and Twitter followers, many companies now stress quality over quantity. They are tracking mentions of their brand, then using the information to help the business.

SocialHere’s a little thought experiment for you. Imagine you have a friend who is a sales rep for cosmetics or vitamins or jewelry. Now imagine that every time this friend calls you, they start the conversation by telling you about their latest great offer. How long would it be before you stopped answering their calls? If they left a voicemail that talks about their latest great offer, would you return their call or even listen to the whole message?

The point is, your company’s Facebook page and Twitter profile are that friend. If all they do is shout sales messages, how long before your followers completely tune out?

“Fans and follower counts are over. Now it’s about what is social doing for you and real business objectives,” says Jan Rezab, chief executive of Socialbakers AS, a social-media metrics company based in Prague.

U.S. companies spent $5.1 billion on social-media advertising in 2013, but a Gallup poll shows “consumers are highly adept at tuning out brand-related Facebook and Twitter content. Brands assumed incorrectly that consumers would welcome them into their social lives. Then they delivered a hard sell that turned off many people.”

The purpose of your Social Network (try to stop thinking of it as Media) is to engage and interact with your followers – who are hopefully also your customers. Inform and entertain them. Pay attention to what people are posting about you. Respond to their questions and comments. And occasionally, let them know about a sale or special offer.

At House of Current, we would love to help you reshape your Social content and truly engage your audience. But instead of Tweeting to us or commenting on our Facebook page, maybe you should just contact Lisa Maloof at or 404.478.4162.

Pinterest Power Brands

Here is yet another sign that Pinterest has become a legitimate player in the social media field – a Top 10 list of the site’s most followed brands has been released. And to media traditionalists, the list may seem surprising. Only three of the top 10 are media brands (Real Simple, HGTV and Better Homes and Gardens) and Kate Spade New York is the lone fashion brand represented. Topping the list is The Perfect Palette, a wedding blog that explores “the color palette possibilities for your wedding” and serves as a resource for other wedding ideas.

Another interesting note about these rankings, is how they compare to the most followed individuals on Pinterest. While The Perfect Palette leads all brands with 240,000 followers, that total wouldn’t even crack the top 50 on the list of most-followed individuals.

The rankings speak to both the site’s format, and the type of user and brands that have been among the first to embrace it. Given the site’s explosive growth rate, we expect more brands to stake, or rather pin, their claim with in this fertile social territory. So expect this list to be very fluid.