Park Design Goes Underground

Most people are aware of New York City’s Highline Park and what a success it has been. So it’s obvious that abandoned train tracks can become a beautiful park, but what about an abandoned, underground trolley station?

The Delancey Underground project hopes to answer that question by converting an unused trolley terminal just under NYC’s Essex Street Market into an extraordinary subterranean public park – nicknamed the “LowLine.”

The Delancey Underground represents cutting edge design and a new generation of green technology. The project’s fresh approach to solar technology uses innovative fiber optics to reflect light underground, saving electricity and reducing carbon emissions, and generating the capacity for plants, trees and grasses to thrive indoors.

The park is just in the concept phase as of now, but we’re hoping it comes to fruition. Admittedly we’re not New Yorkers, but we always want great design and big ideas to succeed.

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