OSCAR Observations

We loved the OSCARS last night. Ellen did an amazing job hosting and was hilarious as usual. Jennifer Lawrence didn’t disappoint by falling once again and thus appearing perfectly flawed. One of the most surprising aspects of the night was that we didn’t have any “Oh my God, what is she wearing?” moments while watching the red carpet coverage. A few stars may have played it too safe, or perhaps chosen a less than flattering shade for their gowns, but the big fashion fails seemed to be absent from this A-list gathering.

So, here are our picks for Best Dressed.

HOC Blog_Oscar

BEST: Lupita Nyong’o, Cate Blanchett and Jennifer Garner. HONORABLE MENTIONS: Emma Watson, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lawrence and Margot Robbie.

While we’re at it, we’ll add Jared Leto, Matthew McConaughey and Bradley Cooper to the best looking list.

Inspired to Stop and Care




We’re pleased to welcome Tripp Pair as our House Guest this week. Tripp is a fourth generation Atlantan. At 52 years old, he has been involved with the film industry for over 30 years – as manager of E Six Labs of Atlanta before becoming a grip on Motion Pictures. Tripp lives in the Poncey-Highlands neighborhood of Atlanta, with his wife and is the proud father of four children. We thank him for taking time to share his story – especially in light of how it intersects with the recent tragic news of the passing of Sarah Jones. 

Inspiration: In my view it’s a basic fundamental in life. To give back. To share something of yourself whether it’s knowledge, wisdom, kindness or just a constant smile. Giving of yourself to others who might be in need of confirmation, solidarity or guidance. Someone searching for answers in life or in need of some leadership around the workplace or home.

All that being said, trying to inspire might also come with the risk of being criticized, judged or maybe the feeling of not being well received by the audience or group that you’re trying to reach! Well that’s just Life in general!

I don’t suppose The Dali Lama thought about failure with his words or his life and commitment to it! Neither did Ghandi or any one of our great leaders of this great country we live in.

My name is Tripp and I’m an Inspiration to others. With work I inspire. With my knowledge and leadership from years of experience in film. I inspire the young and old by how I carry myself. With a smile, with kindness, with attention to detail. Day in day out. Year after year. Through adversity. The small things that have grown into something solid and true for me. I’ve inspired with 3 easy to say words of encouragement to others. Stop and Care!

StopAndCareThese words were meant to encourage co-workers to do their best. “Stop and Care” about what you’re doing because it matters. Making good decisions in order to achieve the goal at hand. No matter big or small. The thought also promotes togetherness and camaraderie through leadership. This is inspiration to me.

The results started to show years ago after many friends and fellow film technicians started using my words in jest around set. Then the stickers were printed. Then my mother’s Church adopted the words for their community clean up Saturdays. Then a Facebook page that prompted a letter from a friend of the page. A letter so inspiring that 2 years later I’m reaching heights I never imagined. My Stop and Care words became a part of a Random Acts of Kindness program for prisoners at a Federal Penitentiary. It was used as an Anti-Bullying slogan for High Schoolers .

Despite these highlights, my words currently ride a wave of sadness. Stop and Care has been adopted in the wake of the death of my friend and co-worker, Sarah Jones. A dedicated film technician, Sarah was recently killed in a tragic accident on set while filming in Georgia. My words walk with maybe thousands to The Oscars this Sunday as we honor her life and memory. Second Line for Sarah – Stop and Care! Click here to visit the event page.

Slates2Who am I? Someone just like you. A human being with feelings that I want to share. Knowledge and wisdom that I hope will help to inspire those in need and those who also support my words. All this being said, I want to lead so others might not slip, fall or fail in life! It starts with yourself and making good decisions. Others will Follow.

SlatesIf you’d like to share Tripp’s inspiring message, click here to Like the Stop and Care Facebook page. We also encourage you to visit the Slates for Sarah Facebook Page. 

Ads are watching you.

Interactive media, especially in outdoor settings, isn’t that new. You can find touch screens on bus shelters or make animated minions dance with your phone. But those are passive, and wait for you to make the first move.

Now there’s a new breed of interactive advertising that is more aggressive. Versions of facial recognition software are being deployed to profile consumers, or maybe cars, and then tailor messaging directly to individuals as they pass.

Ad Tech BlogMini has deployed billboards in London that flash messages to Mini owners driving by. As a Mini passes by, the digital billboard’s screen displays a personalized comment such as, “Hey red convertible, you look good!” and “Hi there green Mini driver.” The messages are created by sophisticated software that can recognize Minis as they pass. Drivers can also choose to have a photograph taken and displayed with their own message the next time they approach these specific billboard locations.

Israel put a uniquely digital spin on the global “Share a Coke” campaign by turning the country’s most visible billboards into interactive signs that greeted people by name. More than 100,000 consumers downloaded a location-based Coca-Cola smartphone app, which used geofence technology to sense their proximity to the special billboards and transmitted the names to the signs. Approaching consumers received a message alerting them to look up and see their name in lights.

Then there’s Tesco, the world’s third-largest retailer after Walmart and France’s Carrefour. Tesco plans to use facial recognition technology in 450 gas stations around Britain to identify a customer’s gender and approximate age. It will then show an ad on its in-store video screen tailored to that demographic.

The one common denominator in these ads is that they all appear outside the US. Is that because we’re touchier about privacy concerns here? Who knows, but you can bet that if people in other countries accept these types of ads, the technology will find its way to our shores soon enough.