Two Cool

We want to wish a heartfelt congratulations to Rachel – who celebrated her two year anniversary with HOC in November. She has been an outstanding addition to the team with her design and video skills as well as her shining personality. Plus, her Mom makes amazing Christmas cookies. Needless to say, we’re super happy she’s here!


Von Maur Time

Von Maur needed some killer fashion photography to drive their branding efforts and called on HOC to handle the custom photo shoot. The department store chain wanted a dramatic setting for their fashion images, and we found it at Alder Manor in Yonkers, New York. The majestic manor house and grounds provided ample variety and plenty of lux factor. The images we captured appear in top magazines such as InStyle, Bazaar, Real Simple and WWD as well as on Von Maur’s website, social media platforms and in-store collateral.


In a separate project, Von Maur asked us to produce videos for B2B uses, such as attracting top designer brands to their stores. We traveled to Chicago and Birmingham to capture in-store footage before returning to Atlanta to direct the final cut and wrap up production.

Block Party

HOC has added another iconic Windy City landmark to our client roster. Namely Block 37 – a vertical shopping center in the heart of The Loop district of Chicago.

In a case of hiding in plain sight, the center has a hard time standing out in its dynamic urban location. Area shoppers are far more aware of the street level retailers such as Zara and Sephora than they are of Block 37 as a whole.

HOC-Fall14-NewsletterImagesWe developed a custom consumer campaign to drive home name recognition by using the numerals 3 and 7 to replace letters in familiar words relevant to the center. The fashionable photography conveys fashion and retail.

Speaking of photography, this wasn’t the first time we have braved the Windy City streets for a custom photo shoot. Our goal was to capture the energy and vibe of Chicago along with an approachable and inviting sense of style. The resulting images fit Block 37 to PERF3C7ION.