Gifts to Give, and Gifts to Get

Of course, our favorite gifts to give and get for the holidays come in the form of things you cannot put a price tag on, like joy and love and, if possible, world peace. But we’re only human, so there are a few things that money CAN buy which we’d be happy giving or receiving during the season of generosity.

HoC has put together for your browsing pleasure a pocket guide of the best, coolest and most creative Gifts to Give and Gifts to Get, to give you some last minute inspiration and to have the opportunity to wish you “Happy Holidays!”

See you in 2016


Always the thrifty spender, I’ve been spending much of my time Christmas shopping this year in some of my favorite store’s sale sections. Anthropologie’s sale section and Saks Off Fifth have been two of my go-to’s to score fabulous finds and additional discounts. Fun, rabbit fur-trimmed fingerless gloves from Saks Off Fifth are at the top of my list to get this year for under $25. You can purchase them here.You can also sign up for Sak’s email list to snag 30% your first purchase of $150 or more!For the pet lover, hit up Tory Burch for a few key items for their pooch (warning, these do not come cheap!)As for the top of my Christmas list, I can’t help but want to snuggle up in these cozy vests. You can find it on the J. Crew Factory website both priced under $60. Happy Shopping! 





To give, this smartphone projector is such a neat idea. Inexpensive enough to never have to worry about setting up a backyard movie night. Just slide in your phone and share videos, or binge watch Netflix with all your friends!To get, the ruler reimagined! This Design Liner is truly a multi-tool for sketching & drawing. It is a brilliant piece of engineering. The little circles allow for large circle of different radii to be drawn by pivoting the ruler around an anchor point. I don’t think I’ve ever been so exited about a ruler in my life. 



I feel like Holiday is the best time to introduce people to things they have no idea they need, but will absolutely love. I like my gifts fab and surprising; by fab I mean they must subscribe to certain aesthetic standards, and by surprising I mean pleasantly surprising, like “oh wow, how did I ever live without this in my life?” On that sweet note, I have purchased this Aristocratic Peacock Taper, available at Anthropologie for $158, and I am still waiting for the epiphany that will reveal who is supposed to get it from. Who knows, when inspiration strikes, that person might just turn out to be me.One can never have too much charm, or luck, therefore one can never own too many good-luck charm bracelets. Santa, if you are reading this, I don’t believe in you per se but if you filled my hypothetical stockings with these New Year Charm beauties available on the Apriati webstore for prices ranging from $30 (the silver one) to $70 (silver + gold) to $150 (gold), I would probably be more inclined to write you a more heartfelt letter come next holiday season. P.S. I really like the gold one! 



For that special someone who has dropped hints ever since the Apple Watch made its debut. This version does a great job of form and function.I do love Tory Burch. I love the fitbit bracelet because you can look fashionable while tracking steps. And speaking of fashion, how cute is this little cross-body bag? Great for when you only want carry your mobile, credit card and lip gloss. 



How is it Christmas already??My last New Year’s resolution was to not let the holiday gift season catch me unprepared this year, so I’ve been perusing the interwebz to find appropriate presents for my loved ones, particularly focusing on the likes of digital bazaars such as etsy, mostly because I’m really into crafty DIY stuff made by talented people. Here, on etsy, I found a nice design studio from Israel that has produces cute lamps. I’d love to to offer my friends a few more of these beauties for the holidays. The “idea lightbulb” one, suitable for the creative type ($54) or these $54 animals lamps, suitable for, well, everyone.On account of things I’d like to get, I must confess: I’ve always secretly dreamed of being a bird; mostly because I’d love to be able to fly above the world without much financial or technical effort. Since I’m nowhere close to seeing my dream come true, I’d probably settle for one of these hand drawn feather shawls going from $50 to about $80. 




To give, I know a certain man in my life that is constantly losing their sunglasses, mostly by putting them down somewhere while we’re out, and forgetting about them. These awesome Persol Sunglasses from Sunglass Hut are not only super stylish, but they fold up and fit in your pocket! #genius #nomorelostsunglassesTo get, I know all of my bobby pin using ladies can relate to this. They just hide themselves, I swear! This super cute bag from Jac Vanek is both practical, and funny. Maybe it will help me keep track of more of my bobby pins? #probablynot 


House of Current welcomes Lamar, Mosby and Ana


Our office gains three new family members. We’ve solidified our Southern roots though the wonderful addition of Savannah native and proud University of Alabama alumna Lamar Barton (don’t let the name fool you, she is quite the ladylike lady). Lamar, our spreadsheet jedi and billing sensei, is an experienced former Director of Financial Aid for Bauder College and South University, who loved being an Advertising and Creative Coordinator for Celia Dunn Sotheby’s International Realty so much that she eventually decided to get back amongst creatives. Lamar is mother to Mosby Barton-Panda, our new VP of PDA, dachshund extraordinaire, licker and lover off all things human and canine (except for his own reflection, he hates that).

Also, we are now an International House of Current, with the arrival of Senior Copywriter Ana Ghelmez. Due to her Romanian/Hungarian accent and ability to keep state secrets, we like to imagine (and whisper internally) that we believe Ana to be an Eastern European spy with mad writing skills. Ana hails from the Ogilvy Bucharest headquarters, where she helped craft campaigns for brands like WWF, HBO, Avon and British American Tobacco. Ana’s way with words is rivaled only by her wearing of the most avant-garde printed tights and tennis shoes imaginable. Soon to be a dog-owner herself (#nopressure), we will share her addition to the family in our next edition.

Changing the perspective at PACIFIC PLACE 


We sure do love a good teaser.  So, when downtown Seattle’s premier shopping, dining and entertainment destination, Pacific Place, called for our help in letting the world know more about the selection of brands-to-die-for located at the center’s upper levels, we didn’t just come up with a concept, we gave them a movement. Our #lookuPP campaign is inspiring tourists and Seattleites alike to take the time to raise their gaze and welcome a brand new perspective.