The Night of the Very Long Gown

Interesting evening at the Emmy’s. If we were to sum it up it would be fabric, fabric and loads of fabric. Almost everyone wore floor length gowns. A few exceptions, Robin Wrights’ white pantsuit whose pants parts were longer than some of the gowns. Then there was Julia Roberts twirly, black shimmer over the knee number with killer Christian Louboutin high, high heels. Other than that it was pretty much gowns to the floor and longer. Laverne Cox had two long trains or was it four? Long gowns are fine but when en masse it seems like a conspiracy. Were they barefoot? If so, brilliantly played. If not, we want to see those amazing tres expensive shoes on your feet ladies. On another note, red seemed to carry the night. Some were beautiful – nod to Claire Danes’ butterfly encrusted neckline with a cherry bombshell lacey dress. Heidi Klum’s red sheath dress. Some were not – Lena Dunham’s ‘the many shades of red tulle explosion’. Kind of felt like she was making fun of the rest. Allison Williams from the same show ‘Girls’ showed everyone how tulle was meant to be in 2014- gorgeous. Gwen Stefani looked fabulous in her Versace geometric strappy glitter dress. And Sofia Vergara wore vavoom and the crowd couldn’t help but swoon. Here’s House of Current’s take on Emmy’s Fashion with our annual Emmy’s 5 best and 5 worst.


Julia Roberts,  Taylor Schilling, Amy Poehler


Sofia Vergara, Sarah Hyland, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Allison Williams, Julianne Hough




Sarah Paulson, Mayim Blahnik, Kerry Washington, Vanessa Williams, Lena Dunham



BEST: Hayden Panettiere
WORST: Amanda Peet

Bringing Out the Bling

Last night at the MTV VMA’s there was some serious shimmer, shine, glitter and glam. Oh, and did we say skintight? The VMA’s did not disappoint (at least when it came to the ladies) and the clothes were as choreographed as the dance numbers. From streamlined panels and straps made of leather – Miley wore an odd top, your basic leather strip with matching pantaloons. Jennifer Lopez dazzled with a geometric, strappy, sparkly mesh gown and even Ireland Baldwin joined in with a maxi-length flapper dress with long straps. Taylor Swift wore a 70’s mod leotard for the red carpet and then she changed into a 50’s Vegas showgirl look  with a cropped top and shorts made of beaded fringe for her “Shake It Off” debut. The show felt like Hollywood splendor through the ages. Even Katy Perry bedazzled 80’s with her denim homage gown and her date, Riff Raff, matched her bling for bling.



But it was Beyoncé who did it best with the smashingly, shiny, stunning look. From her red carpet walk featuring a gown dripping lace, leather and shiny beads to her beautifully colored, geometric glass leotard and classic 20’s cabaret style fishnets. Even her daughter, Blue Ivy, shined in her creamy sateen silk dress, adorable and gorgeous. Wow.



Internal Affairs

We had the great pleasure of adding a new house mate this summer. Amel did an amazing job as our intern, helping out tremendously and bringing new energy to office. Her time with us seemed to just fly by, and now she’s off to the University of Georgia. Here is her firsthand account of her stint as an intern extraordinaire.  

A couple months ago, I took some very important steps into the next stage of my life; I graduated high school and I was accepted into college. Although these steps were amazing and exciting, the responsibilities and decisions that followed were weighing and difficult. I found myself having to make so many choices in such a little amount of time. I had to choose a roommate, what color scheme I wanted in my dorm, my class schedule, etc. etc. With all of my financial planning and search for a major, adulthood was coming and it was coming fast. Suddenly, the age-old question, “What are YOU going to be when you grow up?” was becoming very real. However, as a recently graduated, adolescent, american youth, all I wanted to do was forget the hard stuff and focus on the small things, short term.

Blog_Amel-GoodbyeeeeMy internship at House of Current helped me get out of the summer rut that infects so many young adults, and focus on the long run. Instead of binge-watching One Tree Hill, I spent my day filling my mind with new information. Of course I learned the technical stuff like how to operate InDesign and make labels to organize Sample Alley, but I also found myself falling in love with the entire industry that is advertising. The people at House of Current helped me realize the importance of the client and the audience and that with advertising, you have the power to create ideas and inspire. The tough decisions I faced at the beginning of the summer are now simple choices. Just today, I switched my intended major from the daunting “Undecided” to “Intended Advertising” and I’ve never felt better.

Now, one day from moving to college and countless days into procrastinating the torture of packing the Mt. Kilimanjaro that is my closet, I sit on my floor writing this post and reminiscing on my wonderful summer with House of Current. I’ll miss laughing over lunch at the latest business adventures of Lisa and Wendy. I’ll miss the two bundles of cuteness that are Trixie and Sophie. I’ll miss To-Do meetings and office treats. And most importantly, I’ll miss my inspiring Housemates: Lisa, Wendy, Scott G., Scott B., Carly, and Rachel.

Thanks for everything Amel – we wish you the best of luck!